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My Family Pendant

My Family Pendant
Here we are!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Promises Kept - New Glass Pendants

Well, it has almost been officially 10 days since I last posted. Since that post, I thought I had obtained what I needed to start making the glass pendants! Over the course of those 10 days I experienced a few highs and lows in the jewelry making business. First, let me say that it seems no matter how hard I try, I rarely have all the supplies I need at ONCE!! I needed images to get started, so I bought them. Next, my ink cartridge in my printer was almost out, so I bought one. I ran out of glue, so I bought some. However, it wasn't the quality or caliber of what I had used previously, which left me out of glue since I refuse to use anything less than excellent quaility. Sunday, I ordered every single thing I could possibly need with the exception of yet another cartridge for my printer since the photo cartridge will not work without a color cartridge.........and so the story continues.

I have made a few glass pendants and I must say I'm addicted. They are very easy to make, but what I love most is they are SOOOOO cute and fun to wear! I have approximately 600 images to choose from. They range from Breast Cancer Awareness, Cowgirl Cuties, Sports, Dance, Gymnastics, Dance, Hippie to Country Girls, Vintage Girls, Music, Teachers, Twilight, etc.

Take a peek at some of my new items. I hope to open an ETSY store very soon. I will have more details in the future. If you are interested in browsing through my 600 images for your own pendant, just let me know! You can e-mail me at loriefussner@gmail.com

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