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My Family Pendant

My Family Pendant
Here we are!

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year New Hope

As this New Year begins, I reflect back on what was an awesome 2009. At the start of last year, I never imagined I would find the love of my life (at 37 years old), let alone be married at the start of 2010! With my new life there have been challenges, but they have all been well worth it. This is where my new artistic journey begins.

I was at a craft show where I saw my first soldered collage art pendant. I KNEW I wanted one with our new family wedding picture in it. (You have to be cautious and avoid using copywritten photos - our photographer gave us rights to our pictures by giving us a CD). I decided it would be really fun to learn how to do it on my own. After researching numerous websites and watching videos online, I have been able to teach myself! At first, I was a little nervous about using a soldering iron, solder and flux (what's that?) and I trembled while working on the first few practice projects because of my fear!

I have had a great response to my work thus far, however, I learn more and more about new designs and ideas everyday. In this blog, I plan to chronicle my journey with my new obsession - preserving memories through soldered collage art pendants. It is my hope that I can help as many of you as possible wear a beautiful piece of art with those you love close to your heart, just as I do.

Happy New Year to you and yours! If you have a special photo or memory you'd like preserved in your own pendant, drop me a line!

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